Remembering the 90's

An Era of Great Significance

Ouch Bubble Gum

Candy We All Ate and Loved! (Part 1)

There were just so many great candy products, so I decided to do this post in parts. Here’s the first batch of candy we all ate and loved in the 90s. Which ones did you like or didn’t like? Do you remember all of these or just a few?

Caramel Apple Pops


Ouch Bubble Gum




Amazin Fruit Gummy Bears. I LOVED THESE!


Liguid-filled Bubbaloo Gum


Classic Candy Necklace that came in every birthday party favor bag! There were also candy bracelets & rings!


Wonder Ball


Fruit Roll Ups




Chocolate Coins


Fruit Stripe Gum


Stay posted for the next batch of candy, COMING SOON!

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